My Weekday Morning Routine

I’ve always been a night owl. The running joke between my family and friends is that I’m a vampire (mostly because I’m pale) or nocturnal. So believe me, anyone can become a morning person if I can do it. You just have to have the right mindset, a routine that fits your needs, and the discipline to make it stick–even on the days when that snooze button is looking oh so appealing.

I only follow a strict morning routine during the week because of my morning classes but on weekends, I usually set my alarm for around 10:00 am to give my body more rest. However, since implementing my morning routine I found myself still naturally waking up around 7:30-8:00 am. I’ve been waking up earlier for about 3 weeks now and it’s truly crazy how waking up at the crack of dawn has become more natural to me.

I like my mornings to be productive, to kind of set the mood for the rest of my day to continue being productive. Having a morning routine helps me wake up and feel more energized versus waking up at the last second and feeling rushed getting ready to shlep myself off to whatever I have to do that day.

So here it is:

6:00AM – Wake up!
Coffee + let my dogs outside
Make my bed + tidy up/clean
Feed my bunny
Brush my teeth + skincare routine
Make some breakfast

6:15 AM – Downtime
Read 1-2 chapters in whatever I’m currently reading/write something
Check in on social media
Check my planner + plan my day (adding tasks, checking off completed tasks, etc.)
Get done any tasks I can quickly get out of the way (i.e: laundry, schedule appointments, answer emails, etc.)

7:00 AM – Attempt to look more human
Makeup routine
Get dressed

Downtime is so important for me to do second in my routine because if I did that first, I’d probably never get out of bed. But I still like to get some reading done in the morning because it gets me thinking before the day is officially starting. I also usually write all my blog posts in the morning on days where my classes are a little later. Having something small that I enjoy such as reading or writing fixed into my routine definitely helps me keep up with it because realistically if I’m not getting it done in the morning, it’s probably not getting done at all.

Here are some tips when creating yours!

• Determine what time you are waking up. I suggest 2 hours before you actually HAVE to get up. I have classes at  8:00am so 6 works best for me.

• Figure out what you have to do (i.e: feeding my pets and brushing my teeth are a must).

• Find something you enjoy. Maybe it’s working out, journaling, listening to music or a podcast. Whatever it is, put that in your routine.

• Consistency is key. It takes about 2 weeks for something to become a natural habit. Try it out for 2 weeks and see it if sticks. If it doesn’t switch it up, find new things to do in the morning that makes you excited to wake up earlier.

Hopefully, some of these tips help! And remember, your morning routine doesn’t have to be this crazy adventurous routine or strict regimen to be successful. You definitely won’t see me training for a marathon in my morning routine anytime soon. It’s just a guideline to set you up for a happier and more energized day!


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